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Thread: How To: Install Battery Tender Trickle Charger

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    How To: Install Battery Tender Trickle Charger

    Harley#356s How-Tos

    Battery Tender Trickle Charger

    Purpose behind the Mod:
    For those of you who only drive the truck on occasion, or have ridiculous alarms, systems, etc. and want a fast, compact, reliable way to recharge your batteries up, the Battery Tender Trickle Charger is hard to beat! My truck sits for somethings a month at a time without moving, and the battery tender takes one quick connect plug to hook up and you're baby will stay nice and fully charged!

    -Power Tender Plus (12V @ 5A) Model 022-0157-1 (

    Tools Needed (Depending on connection method:
    -Wire Strippers (if splicing directly into battery terminals)
    -Wrench/Ratchet for Ring Terminals (if hooking onto solenoid post)

    The Specs:
    -Shock & Vibration Resistant
    -Lightweight - LESS THAN 4 POUNDS!
    -Microprocessor Controlled, BTP Technology
    -Charges both flooded & sealed maintenance free lead acid batteries.
    -Charges any size (capacity) lead acid battery.
    -Reverse Polarity Protection (VIA EXTERNAL IN-LINE FUSE).
    -Complete FOUR-Step Charging Program (Initialization, Bulk, Absorption, & Float / Maintenance).
    -2 Year Warranty

    PHOTO # 1: Included Goodies

    Mounting Options:

    PHOTO # 2: Permanent:
    The kit includes a harness with ring terminals on one end and power tender plug on the other. The ring terminals can either be bolted onto a battery solenoid or battery post stud, or the rings can be cut off and the wire stripped back and inserted into a battery terminal opening.

    PHOTO # 3: Temporary:
    Alligator clamps used to be included, but now they are sold separately for $7 bucks. Worth it to pick a set up because never know when one of your other hoopties batteries could use some charging! Self explanitory hooking up, one end with alligator clamps, other with power tender plug.

    PHOTO # 4: Remote:
    25' cord just has power tender plugs on both ends so if your batteries are remote mounted or if you want the plug on the opposite end of the vehicle and have the power tender mounted on your garage wall or anything, you can use this cord to mount in the truck and still reach the charger. Personally I have the trickle charger mounted in the engine bay (pics coming soon) so I can charge wherever I'm at, but this is a good accessory for external mounting of the unit.

    Mine is the older unit when they had 3 amp and 6 amp versions (mine is 6 amp), but now they just offer a 5 amp which should be suitable for most needs. Charges my dual optimas just fine!

    I'll get an updated pic when I remount it. Currently moving things around

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    These Deltran battery tenders are great!! I have one on my GTO, 2 M/C's, and tractor. They keep the batteries "topped off" without any damage like I had happen using a "trickle charger".
    I also have 2 Sears maintainers, one on a woodchipper and one on our Ford Taurus in FL, which have also worked great so far but, I prefer the Battery Tender brand.

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