OK here are the specs:

Stock rear Ford speaker is 2.25" mounting depth. Measured from the mounting face to the table, with the speaker on its magnet.

the Alpine SPS-570a ($80-100 pair almost everywhere) have a spec of 63mm or roughly 2.5" mounting depth. & these are a known good fit.

Often I get PM's asking "if I find a speaker with the same mounting depth, can I use components instead for better sound."

Answer: YES & NO.

Reason: the rear door location is actually a small plastic "riser" that is set at an angle to the surface of the door. It actually angles back toward the rear cab wall & toward the seat. There is no actual HOLE in the rear door metal itself, everything is above the door face & behind the door penal. so the depth is not an equal 2.25" to 2.5" across the entire 5x7 opening in the riser.

with the 2.5" of known clearence is smack-dap in the middle of the speaker opening. To install components, you will have to "coaxially" (suspend the tweeter above the midrange's center) & place the midrange in the exact center for maximum clearance. This is not a bad thing. But many people think that a set of components on a 5x7 plate go side by side.

so if you viewed this thread:


you can see the "coaxially" mounted arrangements for 5.25" & 6.5" components.

So, YES if the given midrange in the component set is 2.5" (roughly 65mm) deep & you coaxially mount them, you can go with even better components in the rear doors.

When I tear into my doors in a couple weeks, I will photograph the install of 5.25" components going into the rear doors.

Rob W.