All members are requested to abide by the guidelines pertaining to the Group Purchase (GP) Forum listed below:

1. GPs are welcome and encouraged, specially if the item is carried/sold by our Supporting Vendors (SVs). Since SVs help support this club/website, it is only proper and fitting that we return the favor by supporting them.

A GP for an item cannot be sourced from a non-SV if the same item is currently available thru one of our SVs. However, new SVs are always welcome!

2. Approval for a GP must be obtained before any thread is started in the GP forum. A separate approval is needed for every proposed GP, previous approvals do not carry over to latter efforts.

3. The GP Forum is the only authorized place to conduct one and will be deleted if done elsewhere. If anyone wants to GAUGE/GENERATE interest in a possible GB, such threads may be allowed here on a case-by-case basis.

Please state clearly in the title of your thread: GAUGING INTEREST ONLY: GB for item X

4. The person leading/organizing a GP effort must submit a formal request via PM/e-mail to the moderator to include the following info:
* BUYER ELIGIBILITY: (e.g. PAID members only, etc.)
* BUYER MINIMUM/GP PRICE: (e.g. 10 for $xxx, 20 for $xx, etc.)
* GP START and END dates:

The GP organizer must also include a statement/disclaimer that he/she is not going to benefit in any way, shape or form from the GP Vendor for his/her efforts. Additionally, the organizer must also certify that the GP does not violate any manufacturer to distributor agreements regarding pricing.

It is incumbent upon the organizer of any GP to fully read, understand and comply with the guidelines above. Non-compliance may result in the deletion of subject threads/posts without warning.

Please be advised that organizing a GP can be demanding so be prepared to "babysit" the effort from start to finish!

Thanks and Happy Shopping!