Here is what Johnny wrote about the IC Res:

OK we'll do a GP for 10 units or more..1st off yes this unit works perfectly! You can re-route the lines if you like. however if you let the engine cool down for atleast 15 min. before you add the ice and start circulating it with the engine off! for another 10 min. you'll see the coolant lines are ICE COLD! the coolant is 32*..This will result in drastically colder Air Temps! which result in Quicker ET's and higher MPH!..And yes Lock the timing and you'll still make more power..I Lock ALL my RACE tunes!.and just by cooling down the intercooler system with this unit. we will always pick up more power. For instance just today i tuned a 03 cobra we made 585 rwhp! then cooled it down with the ice water and the next pull with the timing LOCKED! it made 608 rwhp!..So you see it wasn't making more power because of added Timing at All! it was because we made the intercooler colder and this dropped the air temps which resulted in a HP Gain..I know there are those who do not believe colder air alone will make more power.However i do..because i have seen this time and time again..Not only on the dyno but more importantly at the track!..Why do we see all kinds of *records* being set in the COLD Fall Air? because the timing is not being pulled out? I don't think so.. atleast not on my race tunes..Its because COLDER Air makes more power Period! More air more fuel more power! Thats it..Hope this helps..Here's the price break down:


Polished Street Version $399.99 $349.99
Non Polished Street version $349.99 $299.99

Polished Race Version $349.99 $299.99
Non Polished Race $299.99 $249.99

Just give sue or Erin a call @ the office 717-786-4670 and they'll give the details..thanx JL

here is the link for nloc: