NHTOC Board Use Rules...Everyone MUST Read Before Posting

1 Any automobile enthusiast can freely visit the NHTOC website and post messages on the bulletin board.

2 Any overseas automobile enthusiast can become a member of the NHTOC.

3 NHTOC administrators and moderators reserve the right to edit any and all content of the message board, and to suspend or ban any user.

4 The views expressed on the message board are not necessarily those of the NHTOC.

5 Absolutely no pornographic images above a PG-13 rating allowed. Anyone posting such images will be banned, no questions asked. Administrators and moderators decide what is and is not pornographic.

6 Vulgar profanity is prohibited on the message board.

7 Absolutely no "elite" style (***, @@@, HaRlEy) or all caps writing is allowed anywhere on the message board and especially in the subject lines.

8 No double posting (posting the same message in 2 different forums) is allowed.

8a Use of multiple user names will result in immediate loss of posting privileges.

9 All Off-Topic posts must be posted in “The Lounge” forum.

10 Only post to the Classifieds forums if you are posting a “for sale” or “wanted” ad.

11 Trolls are not welcome on the NHTOC board.

12 Please always try to be considerate of your fellow NHTOC members. The club is comprised of men and women, young and old, white, black, and all shades in between. Please keep this in mind when posting. Thus, no ethnic-specific posts, please.

13 No flame wars. If a topic is inflammatory, the moderators will move or remove it.

14 Street Racing posts have to be posted in “The Lounge” forum. They will be deleted from any other forum.

15 Commercial selling on the board is strictly limited to Supporting Vendors. We also do not allow links in signatures, that point to non Supporting Vendors, and violation of this rule will result in removal from the board. We DO NOT allow links to items on any other Internet board (eBay, etc). We do encourage anyone wanting to sell their products on this board, to contact the webmaster for information on becoming a NLOC Supporting Vendor.

16 While use of the message board is free to everyone, it is far from free to maintain. This message board is paid with the dues of NHTOC members and Supporting Vendors.
Please consider joining the NHTOC if you use the NHTOC message board.

17 We will remove any posts we consider spam!