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Thread: Power Programmers/ Tuners for your truck.

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    Power Programmers/ Tuners for your truck.

    I've done a bit or research to see which programmer (i.e. Predator, SCT Xcal2) would be best for my truck. It pretty much came down to a couple of things you need to take into consideration.

    1. What do you plan on doing with the truck? (towing, racing or beat the other guy down the street)

    2. Are you looking for something you can easily tune with by yourself?

    3. Cost.

    There are several new tuners on the market and with the Edge Revolution this newer one to the market gives the user a quick plug and play feature that offers a display screen of various functions for your truck. Now this programmer does offer a lot but you can not have it custom tuned.

    (Shown with factory looking mounting pod that comes with) MSPR $ 499.00
    Link to company's web site with complete features of product:

    I feel this would be a great programmer for the individual that wants that little something extra out of their truck as well as the ability to make small adjustments when they wanted to. Also very nice with the display!

    • Gains of up to 35 HP and 50 Ft Torque
    • Sleek Design Stays with the Vehicle as a State-of-the-Art Display
    • Programs in minutes
    • Ships with a Custom Designed Mounting Pod
    • USB Updateable over the Internet
    • Change Speed, Rev Limiters, Adjust Tire Size and Gear Ratio
    • Display and Clear DTC Codes
    • Improved Fuel Economy*
    • Adjustable Color Screen

    When used in its programmer mode, the Edge Evolutions provides 3 power levels (transmission only, tow and performance) designed to extract the most performance from the fuel you are using. With gains up to 35 HP and 50 ft. lbs. of torque, you will feel like you put a new engine in your truck.

    The Evolution also provides a special mileage tune designed to extract maximum performance from low-octane fuel. Going from one power level to another has never been easier - the Evolution programs in under 20 seconds. You can also calibrate for different tire sizes and gear rations, and change speed and rev limiters. When used as a scan tool, the Edge Evolution allows the user to check and clear diagnostic trouble codes with simple, clear text descriptions of the error.

    Your Evolution monitor allows you to monitor the performance of your engine’s vital engine components and output values. The following parameters can be displayed on the main Evolution screen (maximum 4 at one time):
    • RPM
    • MPH
    • Engine Coolant Temp
    • Engine Oil Temp
    • Transmission Fluid Temp
    • Cylinder Head Temp
    • Air Intake Temp
    • Line Pressure Control Desired
    • Fuel Rail Pressure
    • Output Shaft Speed
    • Turbine Shaft Speed
    • Manifold Air Flow
    • Manifold Air Flow Sensor Voltage
    • Variable Cam Timing Actual Advance
    • Spark Advance
    • Torque fuel/spark Limiting Status
    • Fuel Economy
    • Engine Load
    • Accelerator Pedal Position
    • Battery Voltage

    That Evolution can sound an alert when certain engine parameter levels are met. The following alerts are available:
    • Spark
    • Engine Oil Temp
    • Engine Coolant Temp
    • Transmission Fluid Temp
    • MPH
    • RPM
    • Cylinder Head Temperature

    Keep track of your performance by recording maximum/minimum for a variety of parameters including:
    • Max Engine Temp
    • 0-60 times
    • Ό mile times
    • Max RPM
    • Max Speed
    • Engine Coolant Temp
    • Engine Oil Temp
    • Transmission Fuel Temp
    • Cylinder Head Temp
    • Air Intake Temp

    Custom Options:
    • Customized Shifting
    • Adjustable Speed and Rev Limiters
    • Speedometer Correction
    • WOT Fuel Adjustments
    • Adjustable Backlit Color
    • Adjustable Idle

    *Increase in fuel efficiency varies based on driving style.

    Another product out there is the DashHawk (by MSD) this is not a programmer but a "Vehicle information display". device.

    This product would be nice if you do not have the Edge Revolution programmer and wanted something to keep an eye on the various vehicle paramerter id's such as:
    Engine Oil Temp
    Trans Fluid Temp
    Cylinder Head Temp
    Fuel Pressure
    Torque Converter Slippage
    Pedal Position

    The programmer that would suit the owner that wants a little bit more and control over their tunes and the ability to make these changes on their own would be the Xcal2 by SCT.
    This programmer can be custom tuned to your various mods.
    Key features
    Only fully digital wideband controller.
    Auto calibration capability to compensate for changes in temperature, altitude, and sensor condition.
    Two user programmable analog outputs.
    Permanent install applications
    Cost effective individual cylinder tuning.
    Easy to upgrade.
    The SCT XCalibrator 2 is designed for Custom Tuning applications and for use with our Advantage 3.0 Custom Tuning Software by our network of SCT dealers.
    This tool offers our network of Certified SCT Dealers a reliable and quick flash tool for your Ford Custom Tuning requirements.
    Tool stores up to 3Custom Tune files while storing the factory tune, however ships blank.
    Number of pre-programmed tune files may vary with vehicle models.
    The XCalibrator 2 Features COMPLETE User Adjustability as set by your SCT Dealer

    The upgrades that are available are phenominal for the user that wants to hook their truck up to a lap top and record everything to review and retune with at the track or on the side of the favorite stretch of test road. You can hook up the LC-1 Lambda cable which is a complete wideband controller built in to a cable. It features digital measurement principal , and includes digital input, output, and 2 user programmable analog outputs.

    Another option available is the Predator by Diablo Sport.
    This programmer has the following features and would work nicely as an alternative I feel to the Xcal as well as like the SCT Xcal offers an array of add on products to help maintian or increase your trucks potential.
    Key features.
    Performance Tune for 93 octane
    Performance Tune for 91 octane
    Performance Tune for 87 octane
    Dual timing adjustment points (2000-4000 RPM / 4000-7000 RPM)
    Timing table (+10% / -40%)
    Dual fuel adjustment points (2000-4000 RPM / 4000-7000 RPM)
    Fuel table (+40% / -15%)
    Idle (+/- 20%)
    Raise Speed Limiter
    Rev Limiter
    Re-Calibrate Speedometer for Gear and Tire Size Changes
    WOT Shift Pressure
    RPM Shift Points
    Global Timing adder -6 degrees /+4 degrees
    MAF curve adjustment
    Internet Updateable
    All standard DiabloSport Predator features

    OttoMind Programmer by Banks Performance

    OttoMind Programmer is an incredibly flexible all-in-one tuner and scan tool that optimizes spark timing, matching the fuel calibrations to airflow improvements provided by Stinger or Power Pack for instantaneous merging and passing responsiveness. It displays critical F-150 engine functions, provides "service technician" diagnostic capabilities, and has upgradeable functionality, so it will never be out of date.
    Banks also offer other mods for these trucks so check out their web site!

    The Special Forces software offered by Sniper, Inc.

    Has been developed to work for bone stock to heavily modified vehicles. The Special Forces covers all popular Ford EEC-V & most Power PC ecm’s for gas engines (96-current). That means just 1 part number covers all vehicles. There is no limit as to how many files you can create.
    Features include:
    96-most 06 vehicles
    Range of adjustability
    -Compression ratio
    -Low / High fan settings
    -Engine idle speed
    -Passive Anti Theft
    -Fuel Octane rating
    -Headers / exhaust
    -H / x pipe
    -Rear oxygen sensor delete
    -Trans shift points
    -Trans shift firmness
    -Engine rev limiter
    -Engine speed limiter
    -Tire height / speedo correction
    -Gear ratio / speedo correction
    -Air Fuel Ratio adjustments (richen/lean)
    -Spark advance (+/-)
    Unlimited performance files

    Same as above plus...
    -Supercharger (Roots & Centrifugal)
    -Nitrous (wet & dry)
    -Injector size
    -Returnless fuel pressure setting
    -Mass Air brand / calibration
    -Intercooler type
    -Fuel pump type
    -Unlimited number of files can be created
    Unlimited performance files

    The price of the Special Forces software (Flash version) allows you to program 2 vehicles and you have the option to program additional vehicles with the purchase of Sniper Bullets. The chip version requires the purchase of additional plug-in chip.

    Super Chips Max Micro Tuner

    Pretty much looks like a plug and play set with factory limits to what advances you can make on your own.


    Increased Horsepower and Torque
    Easy Installation
    No Tools Necessary
    Improved Fuel Economy
    Optimized Driveability
    Diagnostic Trouble Code Reading Capability
    The Max MicroTuner for Ford's pickup trucks and SUVs makes performance upgrades easy! The Tuner simply plugs into the diagnostic port under the dash then offers you three optimized calibrations to choose from. You'll also be able to adjust the shift points and firmness of the transmission for a complete drivetrain tune up! Whether you're cruising, towing or looking for improved economy.
    Another programmer from Super Chips is Flashpaq


    Increased Horsepower and Torque
    Internet Updateable
    Easy Installation
    No Tools Necessary
    Improved Fuel Economy
    Optimized Driveability
    Diagnostic Trouble Code Reading Capability


    Update Tuner via the Internet for Latest Calibrations
    Available Data Acquisition at
    Adjust Shift Points, F-150 & Mk LT only
    Enhance Shift Firmness, F-150 & Mk LT only
    Eliminate Speed Limiter
    Recalibrate Speedo for Larger Tire 28"-40"
    Recalibrate Speed for Rear Gear changes, 3.08, 3.31, 3.55, 4.10, 4.30, 4.56, 4.88 & 5.13
    Adjust Rev Limits, F-150 only
    Choose from Three Available Performance Settings
    Superchips Tuning will work with Air Intake Filter Kit when stock Mass Air Meter is used, Shorty Headers and Cat Back Exhaust

    Performance Tune: Max 21 HP and 32 foot lbs torque*
    Performance Tow: Max 11 HP and 11 foot lbs torque*
    87 Octane: Max 16HP and 17 foot lbs torque*
    * Performance varies by application.

    This is what I have compiled so far and will add as I get more.
    Added a couple more and still looking around out there for anything new!

    Will update when I have more.
    Hope this helps!

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    Wow! This is an impressive write-up. Well, my uncle is planning to put some power programmer on his truck and this would be a very great guide for him before he buy so he could choose the best brand there is. Thanks for sharing this info.

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