Be one of the first to install the New Screamin 3.4L Whipple WK210 Supercharger for the 2001-04 Lightning and Harley Trucks. LFP has an exclusive price for the New WK210's and we are pleased to pass our savings on to you. Just like the 2.3L, Save by using your own Cold Air Induction Kit and EGR Delete Plate from LFP and the new 3.4L Clears the stock hood! Please call to quote and reserve your new Screamin Whipple Kit Today!

The new Whipple will be shipping with a 3.5'' Blower Pulley making 23psi on a stock Lightning. To calm this bad boy down, Whipple is designing a 4.00'' Blower Pulley that will drop boost to 19psi. Use the new 4.00'' Whipple Pulley in conjunction with LFP's 6.5'' Interchangeable Lower Pulley and you can be down to 15 - 16psi for the street.

When considering purchasing your New Whipple please take note supporting mods are needed. LFP Offers everything you need to complete your project:

Special NLOC Pricing
Siemen Deka 60# Injectors.....$319.95
Walbro 255HO Fuel Pumps With Install Kit and LFP SS Y Fitting........$219.95
Diablo Sport MAFia...........$139.95
Big Air 2400/2800 Meter....$215.00

LFP is in the process of designing a Complete Fuel Rail System for those who want to maximize power and take it to the extreme. A system will be available very soon.