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    Fire em up

    One of the better clips of an AC-130 Gunship IR footage.

    YouTube Video
    YouTube - AC- 130 mission (best video)

    This is a 10-minute video of an AC-130 Spooky gun ship flying a support mission against Al-Qaeda in Iraq. What you see is the infrared viewing screen of a 20mm cannon fire Gatling gun. Because of their accents the ground troops they are supporting appear to be British or Australian.
    They came under fire during an ambush from a huge number of Al-Qaeda militants in a small town in very crowded quarters.
    The AC-130 gunship is standing off a considerable distance and is presumably unseen by the enemy as they are picked off one by one and two by two. The enemy must be carrying with them grenade launchers, grenades or other explosives because very often when they are hit by the 20mm canon fire there is an explosion. Each time a vehicle is hit the cannon fire causes the gasoline tank to explode. U.S. military spotters on the ground and on the aircraft help direct the AC-130 Gatling gun fire at the enemy combatants. Each time the gunner taps the gun trigger it looks like about six rounds are fired and he doesn't stop firing for the entire 10 minutes.
    Towards the end of the video you see two U.S. helicopters move into the LZ to evacuate the friendly forces. At different times you can hear the friendlies shout out.... "danger close" ..which means the 20mm canon fire is within a few meters of their own positions on the ground.
    As I watched this video I thought to myself, if we had had this weapon and the IR optics during the Vietnam war we could have wrapped it all up in a single week-end. This is the kind of military might that wins wars and wins them fast. It was a long time in coming. As you look at the video and realize that the aircraft is at least a mile away and the aircraft is moving in orbit all the time and yet the gunner can hit a man on the ground with usually the first or second shot, it becomes amazing technology. The entire gun platform and IR optics are dynamically stabilized as though they were sitting still on a firm mount. This allows them to fire highly accurate 20mm rounds only a meter away from a church and yet still kill the Al Qaeda combatants in this video.

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    SWEET!!!! I loved that level in "Call of Duty"!!!!

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