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Thread: Possible move, questions for our UK brothers

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    Possible move, questions for our UK brothers

    I recently just got an opportunity for a move to the UK and the wife and kids are loving the idea.

    I was wondering if I should consider shipping my vehicles over or just sell them and buy something there. What kind of mods will need to be done to make them legal for use? What kind of fees etc can I expect if I decide to ship them, (insurance etc)? I would hate to sell both the HD and Mustang but if its way too expensive i will.

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    Just spotted this. We're pretty quiet in the UK section.
    A few questions. How long are you moving over for and for how long?
    If you are in the military, they will normally ship one vehicle for free so you are covered there.
    If not, you need to find a regular shipping company and depending on how long you stay here, you may need to pay some import taxes.
    If you need it, I can put you in touch with a great shipping company who brought mine over.
    If you do bring the vehicles over, getting them legal for use over here is no biggie.
    Most of the changes are needed to the lights (amber indicators front/rear) but I have a great set up which leaves the truck (and my Mustang) looking stock whilst legal.
    If you have more specific questions, fire away.

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