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    Unhappy Help ...

    I left the hood up on my 02 F150 Supercab w/ supercharger, during a night of rain. Went for a drive this morning and it spits and sputters. Nothing obvious under the hood ... any suggestions?

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    Pull and clean out / add dialectric grease to the spark plugs, probably got water in the wells.

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    Welcome to NHTOC!

    And yes as Blind stated, there is probably moisture in the spark plug wells causing the cops to short out.

    In the "How To" section you can find a lot of useful info on these trucks.

    Here is an excerpt for changing the plugs but all you have to do is pull the cops off and blow out the recessed well with compressed air and maybe stuff a rag down in there and wipe it out dry.

    pull battery negative just to be sure...

    get a 1/4" 7mm swivel socket and about 18" in total extensions. Get a universal joint for you spark plug socket (make sure it has the rubber insert to hold the plug in place). You'll need a short extension on the plug socket between the universal and the socket. You'll then need about 18" or so of exentions to make it easy to reach back there... You also MUST have one of those long thing magnet tools that is like a long car antenna.

    ok, you have the tools.

    there is NO need to remove fuel rails, TB, etc.

    Reach down and unplug each coilpack. There is a small squeeze clip on bottom... pull all eight.

    Also, unplug the gray injector plugs on each size as they are in the way of the 7mm coil pack screws. Those must be squeezed from the sides to be removed. You can also pull the small twin vacuum lines on the driver side to make it easier to reach, but not necessary...

    Now, take the 7mm swivel assembly and loosen each coil pack screw. Just leave it in the hole once loose. Loosen all eight right then. *Use your magnet* to remove them from the vehicle. The driver and passenger side rears have a pretty nasy angle, but the swivel socket will reach just fine.

    Next, pull all 8 coil packs out of their sockets. The front driverside will have to come forward of the Intake tube...

    Now use the spark plug socket to remove all 8 at once. The passenger side rear will be tough to get the socket well seated so you will have to "play" with it, but that is the only one that will be tough.

    Once you have out all 8, put your new plugs in the socket one at a time and lower them gently into the sockets without banging the tip and therefore closing the gap.

    Tighten each plug until snug and then give it maybe 1/16th to tighten. If you go too tight, you'll strip it. Too loose and you blow a plug later...

    slip all coilpacks back on. Hand insert 6 of 8 coil pack screws. The rear two on the driver side will need to be inserted using the magnet. I would advise, if you have thin hands like I do, to try to hand tighten these two once seated so you don't cross thread them. Snug these down with the socket and give them a small turn. They strip easy.

    Plug injectors and coil packs back in. Make sure you didn't knock vacuum lines loose on drivers side (or reconnect if you intentionally removed them)...

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    Welcome to the got some good advice already on checking to see if that is the problem. Hope all is well

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    Welcome, Hope all goes well.

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    My heater core messed up and when I took off the hoses some fluid got onto my coil packs. I pulled them out blew everything off and used dielectric grease. The truck still runs like crap. Im just going to get new plugs and boots since im just now reaching 127xxx.. and if that doesnt help I guess ill be buying some new cop's

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