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    I don't even need times to know who has the power to be the fastest all around Harley! (just pullin ya tail josh) Not to mention the kenne bell, that thing was running some times and now going Turbo! This is insane! Going to be a great thread to follow! Wish I coulda kept my beast, I would def be all over going turbo with that kinda offer!

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    I haven't been on the page for a while but I needed to come on to say that Rachel (my wife) is finally in the 10's! She wanted to take some time off because of the pregnancy but she insisted on getting in some passes yesterday and we're glad we did (since our track is never open). It was the labor day bracket weekend so we were only guaranteed 2 passes, and we knew we had to make every pass count. Her first pass she lifted right at the eighth and coasted a 11.4@96 because the driver side factory mounted evap mini-canister blew apart and caused a gross vacuum leak. I saw that she went 6.9 @ the 1/8 and I knew it had a 10 second pass in it. I zip tied the mini canister back together and gave everything a once over because I knew we had to make the next pass count. She ended up going 10.72@130.49 on Mid Boost with only a 1.7 60' making us now the Fastest Harley F150 Supercrew around. Here are the vids from last night.

    Here is vid 1:
    Rachel Yee's VRI World Record Setting Harley F150 Supercrew Pass 10.72@130.49 on 9/2/12 - YouTube

    Here is vid 2:
    Vid 2 of Rachel Yee's VRI World Record Setting Harley F150 Supercrew Pass 10.72@130.49 on 9/2/12 - YouTube

    'Hemi', the long block was built by me using custom JE pistons that I speced out with hell fire rings, and the rods are custom manley. The crank is just a micropolished stock piece and the heads are trickflow. The cams are custom ground to my specs as well. The Turbo is a borgwarner S475.

    Harley #356, what's your name on facebook?
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    Whipple-210AX..9.58@142.87 (Retired 12/09)
    Procharger-F1C..8.52@158.61 (Retired 5/11)
    Best ET so far: 8.58 Best Mph: 168.63 (5500ft DA)

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    That's incredible! Well done.
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