1) Nominee must have been active on NHTOC within the past 30 days.

2) Nominee must be a member of NHTOC for AT LEAST 6 months and have at least 100 posts.
....Candidates must meet BOTH of these requirements OR be a paid member.

3) Once a member has won, they are not eligible to be nominated again for a 12 month period.

4) Nominees will be notified thru PM that they're locked into the contest before their vehicle is to be featured.

5) Nominees need to submit a completed TOTM questionnaire and at least 10 pictures before voting begins.
....Failure to submit write-ups and at least pics before voting begins will result in removal from the contest.

6) Voting will only be open to tenured members (see Rule 2).
....This is to ensure the fairest contest possible for all candidates.

7) All nominations need to have a second posted to their nomination by a tenured member (see Rule 2).

8) Nominees must currently own a Harley Truck of any year or any series (150, 250, 350, etc.)

9) Self nomination OR self second is only allowed by a paid member in the nomination thread.

10) Voting will be open for at least the last week (7 days) of the month. The Poll results will not be public.

Each month winners will also be entered in the Truck of The Year contest.

The way nominations work: Simple as 1,2,3

1. Someone nominates Bobís Harley Truck
2. Someone seconds Bob's Harley Truck, and at this point, the nomination is official.
2. Bob accepts the nomination, thus locking it in for voting.

When nominating a tenured member the person nominating needs to post:

Memberís UserID: Who is it?
Picture: 1 picture only, so make it a good one
Year: Self explanatory
Model: 100th anniversary, F-250 etc.
Description: Describe what makes their truck stand out!
Reason: A reason for the nomination that will motivate others to second the nomination.

Short Version:
Who they are, a picture, what they got and why they should win.

If you do not have ALL this information, you MUST get it before the truck is officially entered:

The person with the most votes WINS!