What determines the Truck of the Month?

TOTM is based on a simple nomination system.
The five trucks with the most seconded nominations within the month are entered into a final poll.
All members can then vote for TOTM.

Nomination Rules are located here: Truck Of The Month Rules

When nominating please post:

Username: Who is it? What is their UserID name?
Picture: 1 picture only, so make it a good one
Year/Model: Self explanatory, 2003 100th anniversary, 2008 F-250 etc.
Description: Describe what makes their truck stand out!
Reason: A reason that will motivate others to second the nomination.

Nominations will be taken until the 15th.
The top 5 trucks with the most seconds will be up for voting.

If you feel that a nominated truck is deserving please "second" the nomination.
You are only allowed to "second" two trucks.

No chit-chat. Any thing other than nominations or "seconds" will be deleted.