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    Signature limits

    Ive added some code that limits Signatures in a couple ways

    These limits are for Registered users

    1. the number of images per signature are limited - 3
    2. the max width of a signature is limited - no more 1000 pixel billboards of your truck
    3. the number of lines in your signature is limited - 4
    4. the signatures will only appear once per thread.
    5. Max characters in Signature - 500
    6. No videos in signature
    7. No PHP code in signature
    8. No html code in signatu

    Ill ease the limits for Paid Members

    The amount of screen real estate both in width and scrolling that is wasted by folks manually adding MONSTER signatures to EVERY post is CRAZY

    After a few months - every one knows what your truck looks like - its not needed to post your signature in EVERY post
    Many people use phones or smaller monitors and the amount of screen real estate the sigs waste is large

    turningoff html and PHP is a security thing

    Im interested in your feedback
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