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Thread: question on rotors

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    Smile question on rotors

    Hello everyone, I have a 07 Harley Davidson supercharged. I'm getting ready to do the brakes myself at some point. Can anyone tell me if once the caliper comes of the rotor pops right off, or do I have to mess with hub bearing. Also my ABS light comes on once I have driven about 2 miles, and if I was to shut it off and turn it back on the light is off. Do you guys think I might have some sort of loose connection somewhere or is a sensor going out? And where exactly are the sensors located? Any help would be appreciated, Thanks

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    rotors are floating and come off after the caliper is removed, the rears may have an integrated drum parking brake which would require backing off the adjuster from the backside to come off.

    If ABS lights are coming on you need to have the system scanned for codes. There's a sensor at each wheel behind the rotors that point to a relucter ring on the rotor/axle.

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