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Thread: steering wheel for a 2003

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    steering wheel for a 2003

    I am looking to know how hard it is going to be to swap a steering wheel and airbag assembly. Obviously it is known that the 2003 HD F150 comes with a two toned leather steering wheel that is used in most of the f150s, expeditions, excursions, and other F series trucks. I would like to swap that with the one that is used in the SVT lightnings mustangs and explorers. It is not for aesthetic purposes but rather for a practical standpoint in how I drive. I want the added openings because I can only steer with on hand. I am a paraplegic so I drive with hand controls and would like the added area for comfort factors. Will the cruise control need to be spliced? Will the airbag need to be spliced. I already figure that I would have to take it to ford for the SRS Light.

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    It's a pretty straighforward swap. Not many have done it because it's pricey, but it's soooo much more comfortable for driving, looks better, and the OD of the wheel is actually a hair smaller so it feels slightly sportier too.

    I did a 4 spoke swap years ago.

    -Disconnect battery
    -Remove 2 caps on back side of steering wheel
    -Remove two bolts holding airbag in
    -Remove airbag, unplug connector
    -Remove the clock spring, unplug connector
    -Loosen torx bit a few turns in center of wheel
    -Use a 2 jaw puller to pop the wheel off the spline

    At minimum you have to change the wheel, airbag, and clockspring together. The new parts will plug in/bolt up where the old stuff was. Now what I can't recall is the turn signal stalk, that may or may not need to be updated too with the new clock spring setup, but I'm not 100% sure it's been way too many years since I did mine. That's a few more screws/bolts to get out, but not hard.

    Reassembly is just reverse the steps. It's all pretty easy.

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    steering wheel for a 2003

    It's an easy swap, you'll need a new clock spring, CC buttons and of course wheel and airbag. Did the swap in mine and have never regretted it.

    Turn signal stalk remains the same.

    Tip for removing the steering wheel: use a bolt that will slide inside the threaded portion of the steering shaft and make sure the bolt head is large enough to cover the threads (but not so big as to hinder removal) so they don't get messed up. You'll want the puller pressing against the shaft and not the threads.
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