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Thread: almost 400\500

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    almost 400\500

    so I took the HD to the dyno and put 383\477 down. Now I was told that the lower pulley I put on was a #6 but I cant get it to boost past 10psi which is only 4psi extra over stock. A #6 should have me at 12psi, Right? I also have exhaust, MAF and a tune. Im changing the upper to a 2.9 quick change and that should put me at or over the 400\500 goal.

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    Go to the main 00-03 section, and read the sticky on pulley sizes. A 6 lb lower is a 6 lb lower for a Lightning. It only adds 4 lbs on a HD due to the larger upper pulley. An intake usually gains 1-2 lbs, but an exhaust usually drops 1-2 lbs, so 10 lbs net is about right.

    Don't go with a quick change upper, all you're doing is adding belt slip for 2 lbs more boost. Change the lower to an 8 if you want 2 more lbs, and keep the extra belt wrap of the upper.

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    I got it... And understand.

    The beast dynoed at 399.6 HP and 479 TQ rwhp, corrected.

    maybe one day I'll break the 400 hp line?!

    back to the drawing boards, better parts and better electronics!

    Then maybe I'll be able to get the beast into the 14s!

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