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Thread: Questions with headers

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    Questions with headers

    I am planning on going with a set of long tube headers for my 03. With that I want to know what I am going to do with the EGR set up. I live where emissions are mandatory once a year and I know that a good portion of the power that I want is going to come from the exhaust system I plan on doing. Across the board I plan to do the headers and the high flow cats to keep it legal. I have a good cat back by magnaflow on it right now so that part is taken care of. I know I can do the EGR delete kit but I want know what the left over vacuum lines are going to connect to.

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    Since you live where emissions is checked every year, I wouldn't do the EGR delete as I would not want to have to put the EGR back on every year just to pass emissions. If you do the EGR delete then the unused vacuum lines would just need to be caped off, so they are not left open.

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    I have longtubes with completely functional EGR.

    deleting the EGR will cause nothing but inspection problems and worse gas mileage, literally all it does is improve gas mileage for you to keep it functional.
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