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Thread: So the fun begins

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    So the fun begins

    Well, I'm a grown man but can't leave anything alone.. Just got my 08 hd f150 , has saleen package..=fun.... There is not much appearance wise I could do, I think they did a great job with details, so I went to work on milking the power out of it. After reading several reviews and talking with people I decided to go with Jdm .. Jim jr was very helpful and really seem to know these trucks .. They have built my tune and it shipped yesterday, anxiously awaiting that! His advice was the tune, electric fans and 4:56 gears... I have been absolutely roasted on another forum for saying I am going to run 4:56 gears .. We will see how it works out, they came in today ... So that's what I have planned for now,mother than some accent lighting and upgrade sound...

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    Those gears will give you a whole lot quicker acceleration for the extra weight of those trucks. It'll definitely wake it up along with the JDM tune,

    You'll like it.....except for long trips on the highways.

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    that is quite a bit of gear. Even the Raptors with 35" tires only come with 4.10's and they're quite peppy for being N/A. So you'll definitely feel a lot of snap with 4.56s.

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    Not a lot of highway'll love the 4.56 gears as you will get up and go for sure. How about lowering the truck? The 08 sits pretty darn high and they look sweet lowered. Search this site for threads by wwildman, I think it was...he had an 08 and did a drop that was perfect!!!

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