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Thread: Looking for Ford Racing boost gauge

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    I'm interested in the boost guage also

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    Quote Originally Posted by 03twotonehd View Post
    Okay so my truck got tboned/totalled a week ago and the guys insurance is screwin me around. So I am trying to figure out how much I paid for mods Ive done to the truck but some are hard to find given that they dont make anymore. This will also help if I decide to partout. Does anybody recall original new price on the j-jent lower grills, the ftvb and 4x4 pan, the ford racing harley boost guage and pod? Other stuff I know price on is the stealthbox, interchangeable upper, 234 brackets, bilsteins, shock drop brackets, jlp forced induction intake, sct3, innovate, obx longtubes, borla catback, fresh rebuilt rearend, and I know theres more but its been so long. I kniw theyre just going to try to cut me a check for 10k and call it even. but it stings.
    You should make a new thread with all the parts you would be selling, in a list with prices you want for them. Will help you make up some of the difference in their offer.

    Aside from the rebuilt rear-end, and provided the other listed parts are in decent & sell-able shape, I calculated just in the above list easily $1850. I may have undervalued a few things in there too. If your j-jent is straight, and you're patient enough, you might be able to get $......well I shouldn't say that, cause I know of at least one member here that's been looking for an '03 version for a bit.

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