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Thread: Tiny amp options for door speakers

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    Quote Originally Posted by tpr103 View Post
    Here are my small amps lol
    Show off
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    I have a big old Pioneer 800 watt 4 channel amp I originally planned to use in this truck. But it's too big and I refuse to lose the jack and toolkit that I keep behind that back panel.

    It's not a 'show car' just a truck, lol.

    I've considered going just 2 channel for the front speakers, but I do carry rear passengers often and with the sub back there and the rear door speakers being mounted so low, that makes it hard for them to listen to the radio back there.

    I wonder if it would be easy to balance out the volume if I did a 2 channel amp to the front speakers and ran the rears off the headunit? The headunit power isn't that bad at all - it's a pioneer avic f700bt -
    AVIC-F700BT - In-Dash Navigation AV Receiver with CD Player and Built-In Bluetooth | Pioneer Electronics USA
    mosfet 22w x 4 rms (50w x 4 advertised)

    I installed the new speakers today and they sound about 90% how I wanted, I haven't driven the truck yet so that was just listening while I was installing them.

    Is there anything that I did while installing that you would change? I wrapped the speaker adapter plates with peal 'n seal at the contact points, the speakers are bolted to the plates and the plates to the factory screw locations on the doors. Nothing rattles, the whole door is lined in and out with peal 'n seal, and the backs of the plastic door panels are covered with closed cell foam insulation other than the speaker openings.

    (crossover double sided taped to the window channel to make sure the glass won't hit it when rolled down)
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    Most of the head units today have enough balls to run about the same power as those small amps. Heck my beater truck has a Sony that is 75x4. It only has front speakers and is plenty loud

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