Been meaning to post this for awhile.

When I first got my truck, the drivers side lock was punched in and somebody stole a handful of change from the center console. So I had to buy and paint a new door handle. Found this product to stop that from happening in the future as well.

so blah blah, take the door panels off, check another how-to if you don't know how, it takes less than 5 minutes per side and is very easy.

find the door handle -

remove the door lock rod, I didn't want to mess with mine since it was a little ****ed up from being punched out before and that zip tie is all that holds the rod to the lock cylinder, so I popped off the E-clip and it pops off -

then unbolt the 2 nuts that hold the door handle to the door, you can leave the door handle where it is.
Wrap the hose clamp that comes in the jimmi' jammer kit around the lock cylinder and tighten it up, this apparently makes it even harder to punch. Then install the steel plate-

I can't seem to find my picture of the drivers side, but it's a pretty tight fit on the drivers side because of the keyless touchpad wiring, be careful not to pinch it with the plate!

I went over mine with some peal `n seal (dynomat) to make sure the doors remain quiet. Hope this helps