Hi guys,
names Johny I have a 2003 F150 Harley Love the Truck Drives and Pulls but when Im not messing around She's a Dirsty B**ch
Im not driving her hard all the time its SOMETimes" only and Im almost to the point where I might sell her or trade her for something else..?
I have already done some Mod's to help bring a bit MPG and performance If anyone has Ideas or tips what to do I might change my mind by getting Rid of her. heres the MOds

JLT Intake w/ 9'' filter
Flomaster Catback
NGK TR6 0.36 Gap
Boost Bypass
Oil seperator
91oct only
Stock Pulleys
Clean Lower intercooler

Ported Blower
2.76 Upper
Off Road X
10 series Flows or Magnapacks