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Thread: questions on intercooler

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    questions on intercooler

    I have read the how to on the svt forum on how to clean the intercooler. I have bought all the gaskets and I am about to jump into it. Now I want everyone to read this knowing that I am not that literate on forced induction. My first question is the engine cooling system and the intercooler system are two separate systems right? Do I have to bleed the system for air? If so how? Should I plan on purchasing a certain type of coolant? I am a little paranoid because I have already blown the **** out of one of these motors.

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    -separate systems
    -the system self bleeds thanks to the electric coolant pump, but if you wanted to you could jump the pump to battery to make it run while monitoring the coolant tank. There's no thermostat in the system to block flow that I know of like an engine that would make burping difficult.
    -I use a different color coolant than the engine coolant just to help ID leaks if there is a problem in the future

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