Hey guys, Im new to your forum but a previous Saleen/s331 owner. I need help finding information on what I hope was one of your forum members trucks.... If your a close nit group like my other club is I imagine someone is familiar with this truck due to the nature of it.

Its an 07 F150, amytheist I suppose is what the color is called (its the dark purple color). The truck was traded in in Arkansas Im told. The saleen blower was removed and it has a whipple kit on it....The thing has every gauge on it you could imagine. (triple pillar pod and 2 vent gauges). It has 9k miles on it and still has the dealer plastic over the carpet. I imagine someone built this truck as a garage queen/show truck. It has turned up in my area for sale on a used car lot... they bought it at auction. I am interested in buying it but with the whipple and no dyno sheets on it or anything to prove its a safe tune and no history on the truck Im a little hesitant. Can anyone here help me locate the previous owner or possibly supply with me with some info on this truck. Surely someone is familiar with it. It has to have been seen at some shows somewhere. Thanks for any help you might can offer! Clay