I did an 03 Harley swap and did the full shebang. Engine, tranny, harness, computer, and cluster.
However, it has taken me 4 months of chasing different issues to realize that the salvage yard sent me the harness, not all the way from the ecu, but from the 3 little plugs next to the ecu. So, only thing that is different is the iat2 wires. I have searched for the schematics and those that have posted have pictures that I cannot see anymore.
I need the Pinout of the ecu for the iat and the iat2 pins. I am going to switch them at the computer and turn off the iat1 in the tune.
Please don't tell me to run the wires from the iat1 sensor because that only works with the stock 5.4 n/a harness. This is a full swap.
Thank you guys in advance.