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Thread: I'm coming back guys

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    I'm coming back guys

    As rich knows I'm trying to make a come back, been a long painful road since selling my hd which was already hard on me. Since selling my hd I bought a 02 ctsv with a built stroker motor w/ a race ported sc, I added meth injection, larger full system, larger heat exchanger, larger cam, and a huge tb. I ended up pushing 883hp/ 917tq and paddle shifted my way to a 9.8@163mph. It was a strait up beast but still couldn't beat an old lady running a stop sign in a range Rover to total it just after 41 days of owning it . But now thanks to the insurance company finally coming to an agreement of value I want to return to a HD. Which I regretting leaving all the time, was just getting to deep in the HD wanting to go turbo and keep it street driven. This time (I know it's easier said than done) I wanna keep it more streetable and not take it as far lol. I can't believe how the prices have gone up like they have, their still the same as I paid for mine almost 10yrs ago with more miles.
    If I'm not able to find one I may have to settle on a used raptor or my buddies 12' built twin turboed g37.
    Hey is Josh still around, I miss everyone! I'm gona be calling sue to see if they have any toys for sale or also know of any customers looking to sell. Rich I'm glade to see you still in the game.

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    Josh is still around! Not so much on here though. His truck is running 9s. Mine is still here with me also. Have really had much time for her but it's okay.

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