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Thread: Front End Problems

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    Front End Problems

    Hello Fellow HD Truck Lovers,
    I'm having a problem with the left front of my truck. I've done everything to try to fix the problem from replacing the whole front end to buying new rims. I can't seem to figure out what's causing my left front end to feel like it's shaking and also feels like the left front wheel is loose. Trust me I've done everything from replacing all the ball joints, upper and lower control arms, sway bar and alignments. It seems to be happening from about 40mph - 70mph. Has anyone else had this problem and if so how and what did you do to correct it? I also had the front lifted to 1.75 inches which I'm considering getting it lowered all around. Is that a good thing also? Please any help or suggestions would be great. I have an 03 Shamu with the SC engine.

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    Although you state you've bought new rims, it still sounds like an out of balance tire. That's a cheap start.
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    Could be a bad tire as well. I had a bad shake in my work truck and it was the cheap tires they put on. Once I got the good tires the shake disappeared.

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