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Thread: Front sway bar size

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    Front sway bar size

    Its been awhile since I've been on here but the drivers side sway bar link broke and I was going to replace both sides and the bushings. But I can't find out what size bar the Harley's have. I went to several stores and they said it is either a 29mm or 32mm. I have a 2003 Harley two tone. If someone knows the size and what brand of replacements to use that would be great.


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    Energy Suspension pieces are available at most auto parts store or can be ordered from them as well as online. Just measure the length of the one that's still on the truck. You don't need to know the sway bar diameter to purchase end links.

    FYI... an easy way to measure the diameter of the sway bar is with the open end of a wrench. Whatever size wrench slips over the sway bar is the diameter.

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