2005 Chevrolet Colorado - A Miracle Detailing- Polished and CQuartz Dlux on Trim

Polishing machines: Flex 3401, Rupes 21 MKI, w/5" Backing plate and Nano iBrid.
Decon: IronX, IronX snow soap, Carpro Immolube, Nanoskin Towel - Fine Grade.
Polish/Pads: Megs M101 w/5" Carpro MF pad, Carpro Essence w/CP Gloss pad.
Trim: All trim had two coats of CQuartz Dlux. 6 hours to dry beforde 2nd coat.
Last Step Product: Zaino Z-2 PRO Show Car Polish with ZFX Cure Accelerator.

Please take a minute and check out the video...

Paint polished, cleaned and multiple coats of Zaino Z-2 with Flash Cure Accelerator Additive

Tires cleaned with Adam's Tire & Rubber Cleaner coated with Megs Ultimate Black Tire Coating

Trim was faded grey. Cleaned and 2 coats of CQuartz DLux. It looked even better after the second coat!

Gotta live the Zaino Z-2 bright, sparkling, shiny finish on light colors.

Wheels cleaned with IronX and coated with Zaino Z-CS Clear Seal.

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