This is a 2003 Harley Davidson F-150 Two tone Black and Grey with 117k miles. The paint is in excellent condition along with the interior leather. The engines has some mods including, aftermarket intake and magnaflow exhaust, supercharger was ported and polished, upper and lower pulleys changed, dyno tuned with predator programmer. She was roughly at 450 h/p and over 500 pounds of torque boosting 17 pounds during the last dyno tune. I have changed the oil religiously every 3k miles using synthetic and always premium fuel, I also changed the fuel filter every oil change (someone told me is was good to do with the 5.4 supercharged engine so I've continued to do it since I have never had an engine problem). As I just said the only thing to ever fail on the motor, knock on wood, was the oil return hose that sits under the supercharger got a pin hole in it and was dripping. I have been very fortunate with the motor, having the modifications done to the motor I still take it easy on her its just nice to have the power when you want it. I am sad to let her go but its time, I am the only owner I bought it from the Ford dealership as a demo vehicle with 10k miles on it. I also had the rear center console removed and a custom subwoofer box made with the harley emblem and amp mounted on top. There is a 12 JL audio W7 sub with a 1000 watt JL Audio Amp along with polk audio door speaker. The sound system won second place in an Orlando Car show I just happened to see going on and stopped in to test the waters. I do still have the center console if you decide to remove the sub and replace it with the console. I am asking $18k, this is an excellent find for a Harley Truck Enthusiast.
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