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Thread: WTB: 02-03 Black/Silver Sub 125k Mile MINT truck

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    WTB: 02-03 Black/Silver Sub 125k Mile MINT truck

    Hello all!

    New member but long time fan of the Gen 1 "Shamu" trucks. I was 16 working at a Ford dealership when they came out and have lusted for one ever since. I just sold my mint Focus ST this week and I am looking to pick up a garage queen black on silver 02-03 truck. I live in Orange County, California, and certainly prefer a local truck, but I am open to anything.

    I work at Meguiar's so paint and body condition are at the top of my list. Have some room in regards to mileage, mods and price, but lean towards stock or lightly modded, certainly not a dragstrip truck.


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    02 is either black or Dark Shadow Grey
    03 offers the Shamu version. But you already knew that.

    yesterday a sweet looking 02, low mileage was on the board

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