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Thread: New 02 owner in South Florida

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    New 02 owner in South Florida

    Hello all
    I recently purchased an 02 with 110k. Truck was in Arizona it's whole life and other than some paint fading it's in really nice shape. I went ahead and painted the hood, roof, hard tonneau cover and front bumper and it looks great!

    I've been lurking/reading here for a while trying to understand all the pm work I need to do to "base line" the truck. I don't know much about its history but I can tell that the rear end was opened so I'm guessing the fluid was changed. I also replaced a couple of bad coils, replaced fuel filter, installed a CAI, Cleaned MAF and I've ordered a new intercooler pump because it's not working. I must say, I love the truck BUT I'm not impressed with its power. As I read many posts by this community I get the impression that this thing ought to be pretty quick. I certainly can't break the tires loose although I really take care of my vehicles so I'm not inclined to try to hard. I do tend to drive fast just not "abusive" to my vehicles. The truck idles/ runs fine just doesn't seem what I would call "quick".

    Once it's running like it should all I want to do is tighten up the front end with a stabilizer, new sway bars, etc. I've read a lot of posts on that subject.

    Is my intercooler pump not working robbing me of HP? I have been searching but am having trouble finding answers to my hundreds of questions! LOL.

    Another question is who is in the South Florida area that can help with an intercooler cleaning? I'm scared S$&T to attempt this and would LOVE to get together with some locals to maybe have a cleaning party.

    Thank you for any help you can offer.

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    Welcome to the forums. first of all with the inter-cooler pump not working you will be down on power do the higher charge temperatures. this will cause the computer to pull timing. A new pump will make a difference. I Bought a 2003 Harley truck with 40,000 mile to replace a 2001 ford Supercrew that i had supercharged back on 04 it was a 4.6 running 13 pound of boost, I had to get rid of it because of Western PA rust!!!! The Harley truck was not as strong as the 01 truck was. I did install a 6 pound lower pulley and got a custom sct tune from a vendor and it did bring it to life. It will spin the tires at will now. !!!!

    The truck is too nice to be a daily driver, actually I don't drive it enough. I did lower the rear to level the truck also put JLP long bars on it a rear sway bar and a rear panhard bar The truck handles very well with those mods.

    Not to bad mouth this site because I really enjoyed reading a lot of the old posts and how too's. But there is very little activity here. You may also want to join lightning rodder they also have a Harley section and there are quite a few lightning guys on there as our trucks are very alike. They have a lot of good info. too many people do the Facebook thing. I look around there but the good info is on the forums in my opinion.

    You may also want to put some plugs in the truck, read around before you do anything because the early trucks like to spit out plugs if not torqued properly. Also a fuel filter would be much in order!!!

    Again congrats on the truck and hope to talk to you again.

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