Short story: Cruising down the road, hear a noise- temp gauge goes to zero, digital goes to 233, throw it in neutral and it shuts down.
Coast to a spot under an overpass in the shade- Figured I was going to be there awhile

Called my two mechs- My #1 (OKI916) & Sean (SR81) for advice- like I didn't know I was screwed. Good news- wasn't Hemorrhaging. Bad news wasn't going anywhere.

Had it towed to a garage and 2 days later told me motor was seized- no Shiite.
Options suggested from garage- used or remanufactured.
Suggestion from #1- go Big. Built 600+ HP. Told him if I wanted that I'd come borrow his truck.
He also offered to get me a new or great used truck as he sells for Ford.

No one local I cared for and Sean recommended Brad from BG Racing After multiple discussions of what I wanted, what I thought I wanted, what he suggested he came down and picked up the Beast )(albeit dead) and took it back to his shop.
I have to say Brad is not the typical salesman. He does sell and build, but he listens and gives you options.

Only been a few weeks, seems forever, but parts are in and teardown/rebuid is starting.

For those interested here's a partial list of pieces:
(I did opt to stay with the Heaton for now, may see a whipple later.) (Note I did go with the Tranny so bigger may yet happen.)

Ford Racing 5.4L 4V Short Block
Flex-a-lite Electric Fan
Trick Flow Heads 44cc
Trick Flow Valve Covers
ARP Head Studs
Timing Set
Stage 2 Comp Cams / Springs
60 LB Fuel Injector Set
Aluminum Radiator
A1 Transmission & Converter
90mm Mass Air Meter