Hi guys, new member to the site but I've been reading the forums since I bought my 02 HD a couple of years ago. I've been picking up little bits of information here and there and applying it to my truck so thanks for that anyway. Here's where I'm at. I'm purchasing the Stifflers upper and lower control arms. I previously lowered the truck with Belltech springs and all of my control arm bushing instantly went to crap. So rather that replace bushings I'm installing new control arms. I know I'm going air suspension all the way around so I'm buying the control arms that are set up for the Ridetech Shockwaves. It will be a static drop with nitrogen in the bag until I get the rear 4-link and c-notch done. So that's why I'm posting. I just finished talking to the guys at Ridetech. They currently only produce a weld in type of 4-link for our trucks called an air-bar that does not use the performance oriented shockwaves but instead, a standard airbag. They used to make a bolt in air bar but no longer due. Anyway, I was told that if enough of us were interested, say 20, they might be able to bring back the bolt on 4-link and update it to work with the shockwaves. So there you go. Currently I'm looking at a whole lot of custom fab work to build my system and I'm sure that any of you who have tinkered with the idea know that it is a major expense. So what do you say, anyone else interested in a bolt in 4-link designed around the shockwave sport air shocks?