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Thread: Cheap and dirty projector retrofit

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    Cheap and dirty projector retrofit

    Starting to work on this tonight, taking pics so why not make a thread at my favorite forum?

    I don't want to mess up my OE headlights, so I got some eBay harley style headlights - $45/ea
    DDM mini H1 v3 projectors, 5000k 35w H1 HID kit, miniGG shrouds, 9007 hi/lo relay harness ~$135 ($175 less than 'the other site' that everyone gets expensive mini H1 retrofit kits from)

    All the guides online for baking and opening headlights are damned liars. The videos on youtube are all fake!

    They say to use 220* for 20 minutes, 275* for 7 minutes...tried them both multiple times and didn't get anywhere.

    I had to use 350* for 5 minutes to get half of each headlight open, and put it back in for another few minutes to get the other half. The glue on these ebay POS's is grey, and doesn't get stringy AT ALL, unlike all the videos and pictures I see. Some forums have a reference to some **** called permaseal, which it sounds like what these ebay lights are sealed with. Even after getting the lenses off, the glue in the channel is hard, it doesn't move around at all, while in some videos on youtube they recommend smooshing it all down with a flathead to get ready for new sealant later and theres looks like the sealant is some kind of soft clay...the stuff on my headlights doesn't deform at all.

    Maybe my oven sucks, but it's actually brand new, lol!


    I got both lenses off, which was absolutely super aggravating so I'll continue on later, maybe tomorrow.
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