2015 Acura TLX - A Miracle Detailing - CQuartz Professional

The client brought me this vehicle that he had just purchased and it was covered in swirl marks.
Decon was done with IronX snow soap, Polymerized towel w/Immolube and a ultra fine clay bar.
It was pretty bad for a "white" car. The paint was hard & required M105 w/Megs DMC5 mf discs.

The odd thing is that although M105 cuts like crazy (for me) it dusts a lot and is finicky to use.
In this case, on this paint, I found very little (if any) dusting and it was a pleasure to work with.

After correcting and finishing down with Carpro Essence the clarity and shine turned out sweet.

IronX Snow foam via foam cannon

Paint and wheels sprayed with IronX

After correction/polishing...I applied CQuartz Professional and baked with Short Wave IR lights

Obligatory "Merlin Shot" palm tree pic

Final product came out swirls free, bright, clear and very shiny.

The End

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