Brand new vehicle lots of fine swirls that were easily visible even on the stock white paint.

IronX Snow soap pre-wash via cannon, IronX, clayed and another 2BM wash with Merino Wool & Reset.
Corrected and polished with Rupes MKII w/5"BP and Megs mf disc. Then Essence and CP Gloss pad.
Complete wipe down with Eraser before application of CQuartz Professional.

Note: You could see a very distinct difference in the shine from the stock finish to the polished Essence finish.

This time not much in the way of still pictures. One simple walk-around vid done with a iPhone6 in 1080p HD.
Please check out the vid in 1080p. I'm gonna try out 4K but I'm afraid the 4K "walking" footage will be shaky.


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