While I know this is one of my first posts on this forum, I have been a member for many moons. I tend to lurk and research rather than post and reply, often times the questions I have are already asked through the forum.

For sale are various items that I have left over from my 2001 F150 Lariat. I sold the truck over four years ago and the parts have been in storage since that time. I am posting here as the you folks may appreciate them more than over on another forum I frequent.

Here is a link to the album with all items that are for sale. Below are just a few of the pictures from the album.. in the tags of each picture are details on the condition of each part.


Items for sale:

Drivers and passenger side OEM Ford Harley Davidson Headlights (Visteon manufcatured)- $200
- I personally believe these are in great condition for their age. The drivers side lens shows a slight bit of darkening when compared to the passenger side, but it was much more difficult to notice when they were installed on the truck. All the lenses could use some buffing and polishing from many miles of use.

Drivers and passenger side aftermarket HD/L style marker lamp (Depo brand)- $50
- These housings look great and are a very close match to the orange reflector, chrome, and lens of the HD housings.

Drivers side aftermarket HD/L style marker lamp (unknown brand)- $30
- This housing was a poor match to the HD lamps so they were removed in favor of the Depo brand lights that are pictured.

LMI Rear Seat Lift for Super Cab w/ flip UP style rear seats- $100
- This is the 4" variant that can be used for extra storage or to fit a larger subwoofer box under the seat.

Drivers side "Fleet Side" clear tail lamp (TYC Brand)- $20
- This had a matching passenger side that was damaged and subsequently thrown away.

OEM Ford Lightning Third Brake Light- $300
- This is a good representation of a quality used part. Minor wear is shown on the housing itself and light scuffing on the domed portion of the cargo lens. There is a small crack in the brake light portion of the lens that is highlighted in the pictures. The housing itself has been painted once with Krylon fusion and a portion of the tape line can be seen, but is covered by the window trim when installed.




Thanks for the interest!