2009 BMW 335i - A Miracle Detailing - CQuartz Professional

The client brought me this silver swirled BMW 335i and I "thought" it was going to be a typical swirl job.
Ever had paint that laughs at you no matter what you try? This 2009 BMW 335i was one of those.

With the Chris Larson Twisted Wool Pad, Flex PE14 amd Megs M105...I knocked it out of the park!!!
M105 and wool is a very aggressive combo. This was unusually hard paint and it was tough to correct.

Sometimes old skoll is the best skool! M105 for paint correction and M205 for paint polishing.
Paint cleaned with Carpro Eraser and coated with Cquartz Professional. He was blown away!

I love it when silver glistens!
Thanks for looking...