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Thread: New To Site and Need Help With My 2007 HD F150

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    New To Site and Need Help With My 2007 HD F150

    This is a great site and I am happy to be a member!

    I have a 2007 HD which I purchased new in 2008. It only has 55K miles and has had all scheduled maintenance. I need help with two issues: Intermittent severe missing under boost and cat replacements.

    Sometimes my truck runs normal with no issues and other times when I try to accelerate the boost gage immediately goes to 4PSI and the engine misses severely. I have had the catalytic converters replaced at 22K and 45K. I think that there is a problem which Ford has not fixed so I maybe looking at another replacement at 66K miles. The two times I have had them replaced (under warranty) the service writers told me that this is not unusual and may have been caused by bad injectors.

    I am looking forward to your ideas on what could be the problems causing my issues.


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    I am not hip on boost problems, but as far a your cats, replacement every 20k sounds a lil bit wrong. Maybe you can delete your cats altogether and tune out the CEL. Hopefully someone else will chime in soon.

    Besides that, welcome to the site, you got any pics.

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