Ok fine people, like stated in the subject line, I have a noise that I cannot figure out for the life of me. And I don't want to go to mechanic.

So the noise sounds like metal scraping metal. Almost tinney, (spelling?) From the front passenger side, But here is the kick in the pants, only happens over 70 mph, it is guaranteed to make the noise, but the noise is not constant. And does not change sound at any speed. ALWAYS sounds the same.

I have fully replaced the brakes, rotors, pads, front calipers, all bearings and seals, which were packed properly. All planned because it needed it and the hope was that it would go away but nope.

I removed the sway bar because both links lost a bushing, at the same time. So I thought it was the bar squeaking but nope.

I have played with all of the air controls and that didn't fix it.

Gone downhill at speed and put in neutral, still happened, while in neutral reved engine and pitch never changed.
Can't hear it with Windows down because of air noise.
Can't hear it with a person standing on side of road and driving past them at 75+.

It is clear as day with the windows up and radio off.
I can't get a good enough sound clip because of the road noise in the truck.

This has probably been happening longer, but can't hear it over the radio and I don't usually have passengers in my truck, I just happened to have a coworker one night ride with me, and that was easily 2 months ago. I can't figure this out. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys