2019 Cadillac CTS-V - A Miracle Detailing - CQuartz Finest Reserve - Fly-By FORTE

This is a 640hp luxury vehicle with a very nice deep subtle (not too loud) exhaust note.
Sadly, the pics/vid were taken in the afternoon shade. The bright sparkle does not show.
This was actually so bright and sparkling that within less than a minute I went snowblind.

Over the years I have used about all the regular "detailing words" for clarity, gloss, brilliance etc.
When I brought this car out into the high noon sun it was...(I used a new detailing word) dazzling!

The paint had minimal (DISO) swirls and was corrected with Rupes 21, CP Gloss pad and Essence.
The paint surface was cleaned with Eraser before it was coated and cured with Shortwave IR lights.

The engine bay was cleaned and dressed with Sonus Trim and Motor Kote (I like the SMK satin look).

The glass was polished with CeriGlass Polish and CarPro Glass Rayon Polishing Pads with 3"/5" DA's

All the glass was cleaned with Eraser then coated using CarPro FORTE Professional Windshield Coat.
The included FORTE applicators work but they are a lot of effort and work rubbing FORTE it in by hand.
By the time I am done my arms are sore, my hands and fingers are sore and I do lots and lots of wiping.

This time I tried a different approach...
I used the Rupes iBrid with the 2" DA head. I applied FORTE Windshield Coat with a 2" Carpro gloss pad.
Using the iBrid it was much faster and easier! This made three coats on the windshield a breeze to apply.
FORTE, although it works well, has been a time consuming and problematic install. It's now quick & easy!

Wheels were coated with CQFR and the sidewalls of the tires were coated with Dlux Plastic & Wheel Coat.
Yes, this is a one time use of the orange foam applicator. It will harden and will need to be thrown away.

Video - (iPhone6 vid walkaround) Please click on the gear (bottom right) and watch in 1080p HD

Glass polished with CeriGlass Polish and CarPro Glass Rayon Polishing Pads then cleaned with Eraser

Ibrid Nano with 2" DA head and Carpro 2" Gloss Pads

CarPro FORTE Professional Windshield Coat application

For this particular car (including the moonroof) it took a little more than 1/3 of a 50ml bottle

Wheels Cleaned

I use the foam of the applicator and apply DLux to the foam and wipe the sidewall.

This process allows the product to get in all the sidewall tire grooves.

I use two coats. The application style allows for a gloss or satin finish.

Ahhh yes...now back to the rest of the car...

The End

Thanks for looking...