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Thread: Looking for good mechanic/shop in Ventura County

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    Looking for good mechanic/shop in Ventura County

    I just got a 2008 Saleen HD F150. I used to have a 2003 and never had any problems with it. I just took it to the dealer for oil changes. Iím hoping the 2008 will be just as reliable, but just in case I was wondering if anyone had mechanic/shop recommendations in the Ventura County area. Thanks!

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    Depends what you're looking for?

    I lived in Camarillo for ~20 years so I'm a bit centric to that area.

    for general maint and repairs, I would recommend a couple shops in Camarillo.
    Steve's Garage -
    Kenny's Back Alley Rod & Custom -
    Kevin's Precision Alignment & Automotive -
    Bone's Fabrication -
    Bottle blown racing -

    For tuning, I used and can highly, highly recommend FTK -

    for getting tires, I liked Big Brand in Camarillo more than America's Tire Co or Firestone.

    for body repair and paint work, I had mixed experiences at Camarillo auto body -
    My wifes 2008 mustang GT, they repaired and repainted a passenger fender. The (black) paint looked beautiful and was a perfect match, but they screwed up the body line on the fender arch, carmax inspector didn't notice it when we sold them the car a couple years later so I can honestly say the average person would have thought it was flawless.

    My old Subaru daily, flawless repair of rear 1/4 panel and door after it was backed into (also black), was perfect until I sold it a couple years later

    My wifes subaru forester, near full body repaint and hood replacement from hail damage and her driving the rear 1/4 and door into a garage door...runs and drips in the clear coat on a couple doors and the whole cars clear coat has completely failed on every repaired area 1 year later, going to be dealing with this soon but since I moved out of the area shortly after it was repaired last insurance wants me to get a quote to repair up here and they'll bill them, I feel bad about that but what can I do it's their fault?
    2002 DSG HD #09617 NHTOC Truck of the month November 2012
    Ported eaton/plenum/tb, 6lb lower, SCT BA-2600 MAF, OBX longtubes, JLP intake, FTVB, L-spec bilsteins, Hotchkis TVS, 22" replicas. Tuned by Ray McClelland of FTK

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