2017 Chevrolet Camaro SS - A Miracle Detailing - CQuartz Professional

For those keeping track...IMHO every paint behaves different.
This vehicle...
Rupes 21 MKII 5" backing plate Megs M101 and Carpro 5" flash pad.
Originally I tried Megs M110 and Megs Microfiber cutting discs.

Guess what happened?
The mf disc started turning red with a 225 micron thickness reading!
Yes, there is red color/tint in this clear coat. It sure makes you stop!
I switched to Carpro 5" flash pad with M101. Swirls gone and no red.

Obligitory 360 walk around in HD 1080p w/audio

Merlin shot

Side reflecto shot

Another hood shot

IronX wheels

Trash can and bushes scuff marks. (Before)

Gotta love the Scangrip lights

A Pic of my shop wall for no apparent reason.

The End

Thanks for looking...Feedback appreciated.

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