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Thread: Need some Help/Advice with a never ending Miss

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    Unhappy Need some Help/Advice with a never ending Miss

    Aloha All....

    It has been a long year with not having my truck. I took the truck to a mechanic and let me say I trust his ability and knowledge. The reason I took the truck to him was because the truck had a miss that I couldn't get rid of, changed plugs and coil packs several different times. While he had the truck the #6 piston decided to not want to be in the engine block anymore. It took me some time but I was able to get a new engine it was a slightly modified long block from Pomar engines in New Jersey. After the engine was installed the truck still had the miss. We had changed out the coil packs and plugs a couple different times we also have changed out the injectors and still has the miss. we have learned the miss is on one side of the engine the right side bank and is random between 1-4 also happens when the engine is coming off of a rev, I was able to get a different ECU from hd898 and we still have the same miss. I just ordered a brake out box so we can try and pin point where the miss is coming from, Fuel side or Ignition side.

    I am writing this hoping someone here has seen something like this and could steer us in a direction. It had been a year since I have driven my truck and I really miss it.

    Mahalo for any help.
    Aloha and be safe
    Keith & Sherry

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    I hope you have some luck with this? I just joined and doesn't seem like there is much activity here. I've had better luck on

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