Back when I first got my 00 HD F150 (purchased new) I also bought one of the Air Force One CAI's, it now has an AFE Pro-Dry S filter but I'm looking for some type of box that can be installed with the AF1 intake tube to limit the amount of Hot Engine bay air it pulls in.

if I use my ODBII Reader while driving, the intake air temp is the same as the ambient air temperature when going down the highway, but around town in the summer time especially, I can really tell the sluggishness of the hot air getting into the truck. It's sluggish and noticeable until I'm moving again.

Pardon my dusty engine bay, I work in the oilfield and the truck sits on location for 14 days at a time in a 24 hr dust bowl essentially, I clean it on days off, but after going to work its looking pretty haggard again.