2019 Tesla Model 3 Midnight Silver - A Miracle Detailing - CQuartz Finest Reserve

IMHO Every paint on every car is different even if it is the same year, make, model and color.
Every vehicle needs to be tested with different pads and polishes to see what works on it.
There is nothing worse than completely going around a vehicle and needing to do it over again.

That said...here is most of what I used on this car. Here is the product list in Ad Nauseam detail.

Cleaning Wheels
Carrand Deluxe Tire and Bumper Brush
Microfiber Madness IncrediFlair
TUGA Devil Special Wheel Cleaner
Microfiber Madness Incredibrush
EZ Detail Brush Big (Blue)
Detailing Outlaws Buckanizer

Prep Wash
IronX Snow soap
Merino Wool wash mitt.
Highly filtered water for the rinse.
Metro Air Force Master Blaster.

CarPro Iron X
CarPro ImmoLube

Final Wash
Two bucket Wash Method
IronX Snow soap
Detailing Outlaws Buckanizer
Highly filtered water for the rinse.
Metro Air Force Master Blaster.

Paint correction
Rupes 21 with a 5" backing plate
Scholl Concepts 5 1/2" Spider Sandwich Pad
The Last Cut - Compounding Glaze

Paint Polishing
Rupes 15 with a 5" backing plate
CarPro Gloss Pad 5"
Meguiar`s M210 Ultra Pro Finishing Polish

Carpro 2 Face (No Lint) microfiber towels

Last Step Product (LSP)
Paint and Wheels - Carpro CQuartz Finest Reserve

Tires and Trim
CQuartz Dlux Wheel & Trim Coating

Now on to the vid and pics.

HD Vid with Audio (please use the bottom gear and switch to HD) Your feedback is appreciated.

The "Merlin shot" hood

Drivers Side front

Drivers side rear

Passenger side Front

Another hood "Merlin Shot"

I have a tone of "in-process" (before) shots
Washing, initial paint surface, scratches, PDR dents, etc.

I`ll post `em if requested. I`m not a big before/after person.
That said...Here is one of the "Before" pictures.

Thanks for Looking!
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