2018 BMW M550i - A Miracle Detailing - CQuartz Finest Reserve

Although only a year old this vehicle was "Rode hard and put away wet".
The new owner wanted it as close to "better than showroom new" as possible.

The swirls marks were heavy and extensive. In some places, the paint was already thin.
This one had a hard paint, and it was difficult to correct the extensive swirl mark damage.
Due to the variance in the paint thickness, it was a polish, measure, polish, measure process.

This became a 4-5 Stage Paintwork Correction from wool to fine foam finishing pads.
So, in this particular case, I am not going to itemize every step, every pad, and every polish.
I will group together them so you have an idea of the paint, products, pads, and process (4 P`s).

Also, there was severe "road rash" (to a point where he had to have the windshield replaced).
Almost 13 hours were spent playing Picasso to "thousands" of rock chips with Dr. Color Chip.

Machine: Rupes 21 with a 5" backing plate.
Compounds: Scholl Concepts Shock2 Cut Extreme Cut Compound, Meguiars M101, and Meguiars M110.
Pads: Twisted Wool Pad 5" Dia., Scholl Concepts 5 1/2" Spider Pad, RUPES Yellow Pad - 5" Dia.

Machine: Rupes 15 with a 5" backing plate.
Compounds: Meguiars M210, Scholl Concepts S30+ Nano Compound
Pads: RUPES Yellow Pad - 5" Dia., Scholl Concepts 5 1/2" Finishing - Honey Spider Pad

360 walk-around video - Please click bottom Gear for Quality 1080p w/audio

Getting a bath and decon

Before Shot

The 50/50 shot

The Merlin Shot

Another hood shot

Front end

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