Hello guys/gals, I'm not sure if this the right area to post this so forgive me if it's not. I have been out of the scene for some years and finally got enough money to buy a built block and in the process of getting built heads. (JLP)
Over the years I purchased all kinds of things to help with this build. I could post everything but I can do that another time. Getting back into everything feels like new all over again but some of it I am slowly starting to remember. I am looking for all kinds of parts for 60lb and up injectors, built heads, new fuel pumps Etc. I started to tear down the truck yesterday to start cleaning everything up and make it easier to have the block and heads installed. Took off s/c, intercooler and Turkey Turkey today. I'm thinking about tackling the heads and taking those off but I've never done it before so I'm pretty nervous. My truck has been broken down sitting in my driveway for about 4 years or so. Any advice or stuff y'all see selling just let me know. Thanks guys.